Active recreation


Relax actively!

Thanks to its exceptional services and natural characteristics Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel is an ideal place for those looking for active recreation and outdoor sports.

Hunting opportunities are also offered for guest who are interested in this activity. Those who respect solitude in nature can get an insight into its secrets, and if they are skilful and persistent enough they can snap a shoot of the rare moments of the wilderness. Yield to the temptations and dedicate yourself to the wilderness. Our skeet shooting range and our horse stud gives us the opportunity to provide active recreation programmes that are, in many respects, unique and interesting in Hungary.




A hotel for horse riders

Nowadays, more and more people enjoy equestrian sports as the world of horses can take us close to nature. This activity can make us forget everyday problems, as we get involved in the particular regime of horse studs.

Our stables welcome guests form beginners up to advance level. We apply training with longeing to help guests interested in horse riding get an insight into this complex world. Those who are already familiar with this sport can return from the trail ride with a lot of experiences as the “puszta” in the territory of the Kiskunság National Park has no limits. Our friendly attitude enhances our devotion to horses and reduce distance. Our horse stud combines the virtue of farm life with professional devotion.

If you have your own horse, we undertake to take care of your horse in a separate stable. A paddock, horse walker and upon request a covered horse stud are also available in addition to the basic services and the tenants can use saddle maker services and the changing room.


We welcome you at our skeet shooting range!

Live pigeon shooting
The predecessor of trap, double trap and skeet was live pigeon and clay-pigeon shooting. Shooting at live pigeons with an arrow was a spectacular introduction of sports competitions in ancient Greece. Later on, it was used to raise and enhance the fighting spirit of the young generation for centuries. Live pigeon shooting, as we know it today was first practiced in England in the 1700s. Following his travels to England, István Széchenyi wanted to introduce horse races to improve horse breeding and live pigeon shooting to practice hunting. However, it was difficult to make live pigeon shooting popular in Hungary. The first large competition was held in 1868 which was organised in the Széchenyi park in Győr. The Pest Pigeon Shooting Association was established around the same time and the first range was built in Rákos-mező. Later on, pigeon shooting associations were also established in Agárd, Balatonfüred, Keszthely, Nyíregyháza and Szolnok and from 1880 even Hungarian shooters could participate in international competitions. In 1904 the National Pigeon Shooting Association was established for integration purposes. In 1923 new ranges were built in Budapest on the northern part of Margaret Island and on Széchenyi hill.

Live pigeon shooting reached its greatest heights between 1928 and 1940. Key representatives of this period were (non-exhaustive list): Dr. Sándor Lumniczer, Dr. István Stassburger, Dr.Gyula Halasy, Sándor Dóra, Pál Dóra, Dr. András Montágh, László Szapáry, Béla Hardy-Dreher, Dr. Elemér Gáspárdy, Kálmán Papp, Gusztáv Szomjas – they excelled not only in Hungarian but also in Austrian, German, Czech, French, Italian and Spanish Grand Prix competitions. They were favourite participants and in most cases winners of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, which was considered as the largest competition.


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